Biddy Smith's Fancy Chocolate Box



Biddy Smith's Fancy Chocolate Box


My introduction to the world of chocolate began in Biddy Smith's kitchen, sitting by the hearth where she did her cooking. Memories are funny things. A song or a smell can transport you back in time. For me, chocolate is tied to my childhood in County Cavan, at a time when chocolate was a rare indulgence.

Biddy Smith was a bit of a recluse with thick grey hair, a crooked fringe she cut herself and pink glasses. She loved chocolate, especially chocolate with nuts, but only ate one or two squares at a time, carefully rewrapping the rest for later. She was always very generous and shared her supply of chocolate with us children.    

Biddy was seen as a bit odd in her day but would be heralded as a true authentic foodie today. She kept and milked goats and was the only person we knew who took goat's milk with her tea.  

These early experiences shaped my love of chocolate and I am always thrilled to think Bennetts chocolates will be creating memories for your family and friends.


Box of 12 Chocolate Selection

Speckled Fairy Tern Praline Eggs 

1 Bag of  Marshmallow

3 60g Bars

1 Box of Bennetts Buttons

1 Bag of chocolate dolphins

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Palm oil free.



Weight: 1800 g