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Mangawhai Salt Co

Hand Harvested in Northland, New Zealand. In 2014 Bennetts of Mangawhai started using Mangawhai Sea Salt in their salted caramel chocolate by the following year it had become a top seller. Today our Chocolate Factory and Cafe uses this delicious product to season the food we love. We hope you enjoy our Sea Salt as much as we enjoy harvesting it!

Sometimes the best ideas come from the tiniest little spark. Mangawhai Salt came from such a grain of thought. We were looking for a local and sustainable source for our sea salt chocolate, when Emily remembered a distant science lesson about making salt through solar evaporation.

We live and breathe the ocean in Mangawhai. We have the most beautiful beaches, complete with sparkling blue water. It seemed madness to travel sea salt across the country to our home by the sea, so we began collecting water from a local ocean and making our own salt. Right from the first bucketful of sea water, we were thrilled with the pristine white flakes that emerged after the sun did its work. We continued to refine the process and found our chocolatiers loved working with the salt and our customers raved about the amazing results.

It quickly became clear that we would have to share this product with the world and this is how Mangawhai Salt Company came to be.

We have streamlined the process and worked hard to make it as environmentally friendly as possible: we use custom made wooden tools, avoid plastic and obviously make use of the sun’s energy. The operation is a family affair; Harry still wades into the ocean at Forestry Beach to collect the water. The water is filtered and placed into our purpose-built tunnel to evaporate, which takes 2 to 3 weeks, under Emily’s supervision. Brodie is responsible for creating amazing flavours to enhance the natural goodness of the sea salt.

Solar evaporated sea salt is a wonderful addition to any meal. The process maintains minerals lost in industrial processes, such as magnesium and potassium. The result is a flakey salt that can be crushed in the fingers, directly onto food.