Colours of Mangawhai



 We consider ourselves so lucky to live and work in such a beautiful part of the country and where we are plays a huge role in what we do and how we do it.


So, it’s not surprising that when our 60g chocolate bars were due for a facelift that we turned to our environment for inspiration. We are frequent beach walkers and the ocean offers so many beautiful shades and colours. We’ve selected a range of colours, inspired by our beach, from the dark and stormy winter clouds for our dark chocolate, to the calm blue sky reflected in the ocean of a clear spring day on the blueberry chocolate bar, we’ve got the colours of Mangawhai well-represented.

The new look bars are in stores now and will soon be joined by 2 exciting new flavours, Caramel and Olive Oil. We’ve teamed up with a local company, Lola’s Olive Oil, to produce one of the most delicious chocolate bars around. This is a dark chocolate bar made with a perfect infusion of Lola’s Extra Virgin Olive Oil and it’s ridiculously creamy and smooth. It simply melts in your mouth.

 We hope you will come visit our shop and Cafe soon and experience the colours of Mangawhai for yourself.


A delicious local liaison

We like trying new things. We are always looking for new and interesting flavour  combinations but we still love the classics. I think everyone would agree, nuts and chocolate were basically made for each other, everyone loves a good chocolate caramel and chili is so perfect in a hot chocolate.

This month we’ve been refining a classic combination for you. A partnership that has been loved for a long time, but we think we’ve perfected it, and to do so we’ve formed a new partnership too.

We’re excited to launch our new Bennetts Rush Espresso chocolate bar. That’s right, coffee and chocolate. Heaven!

Mangawhai, our landscape, people, flora and fauna, constantly inspires us. We have many talented local artisans and the team at Rush Coffee have been longtime friends and favourites of ours. So, we thought, let’s get together and make something truly awesome.

I won’t kid you, it’s been tough. We’ve tried a range of coffee beans, in a mix of chocolate, with different grinds, in different bar shapes and sizes. All that chocolate and coffee, poor us!

The outcome of our toil is a delightful little bar that combines the best dark Belgium
couverture with the highest quality Colombian coffee beans. This bar is impeccably balanced with just the right kick of coffee and creamy melt-in- your-mouth chocolate.

These little numbers are ideal to keep in your purse or top drawer at work for an afternoon indulgence that won’t break the bank or spoil your dinner.

The march of the marshmallowists

If you haven’t tried our marshmallow, you haven’t lived. We’ve been perfecting these soft, fluffy, pillows of joy for ten years now. These aren’t like the circular treats you jammed into the ashes of a campfire when you were a kid. Our marshmallows are grown up and a little puff of heaven in each bite.

These bundles of happiness have been on the Bennetts menu for a long time now but we have recently given them a little face-lift. Don’t panic, they still come in chocolate, lemon, raspberry, feijoa and passionfruit flavours, we still use only natural ingredients and flavours to create these babies and they’re still the lightest, fluffiest marshmallows you’ll have ever tasted. So, what’s changed? After so long a part of the Bennetts family our marshmallows have finally got their own special packaging - making them much easier for you to spot while out shopping and we’ve swapped one ingredient to make them gluten free so that even more of you can enjoy them.

Does it get any better than this? Well, yes! You can also find our marshmallows lurking in
our rocky road. Marshmallow + chocolate? Yes please.

With a hint of spring in the air we recommend trying a summer ambrosia - simply mix
approximately 1 litre of yoghurt with 500 ml whipped cream (fold the cream into the yoghurt) add your favourite Bennetts marshmallow, summer fruits or berries and enjoy!

First harvest



There’s something deeply satisfying in the first harvest. Watching a tree grow from a tiny sapling to producing its first season of fruit connects us to something historic and magical. And, even more so when you’re talking about olives. Olives are older than written history. Older, even, than writing.


We recently harvested olives from the trees surrounding our Mangawhai premises. These trees have grown and thrived in the winterless north and we have awaited a full harvest for a few years. This season the trees have been laden with olives and on a clear autumn day we spread tarpaulins over the ground and picked, and picked. Like so many before us, we shook the trees gently and watched as perfect green and purple fruit fell into our laps.


This particular harvest, of olives on autumn days, has been happening since the earliest of times, dating back to the 8th century BC. Our own harvest was destined to become olive oil and we enlisted the help of a local press to produce the golden liquid. Our efforts were well rewarded with 18 litres of oil being produced.


We were delighted with the quality of the oil, we can honestly say there’s nothing like freshly pressed olive oil drizzled over homemade bread! We were honoured to gift each bottle of oil to friends of Bennetts.


Bennett Bunny on Tour

The Bennett Bunny heard about the Easter Bunny’s upcoming travels and was envious.

 So we sent him on his own trip. Can you guess where he went?

 It’s getting colder.

We’re nearly there.


It’s an iceberg fairyland! Will one hop get me over there?



Wow, I’ve made it. I’m a snow Bunny now.


Hush, seals are sleeping.



Shhhhh.. Don't disturb the terns!


I have never seen blues so blue or whites so white


Is that snow or penguins moulting?


Fancy meeting you here.



Shall we test the water?

A colony of penguins, maybe one will catch my eye…


Let’s take a stroll together.

Are you exhausted too?


Velvety seals in dark and white chocolate, but where’s the milk? 


Antartica took my breath away. I’m going to miss my penguin friends, but must get home to Bennetts in time for Easter.


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